Timeline by Verite

Easy-timelines-625x421Timeline by Verite is a beautiful timeline generator.  Similar to some of the other tools posted here, I think this web app creates the best product.  While it is not as straight-forward to produce, the site does offer some simply tutorials and directions on how to build your timeline – the programs takes it from a google spreadsheet that you create from a provided template.

Here is an example of a nice timeline: History of Ghana.

Project-Based Learning (PBL): As noted in the other timeline generator posts, timelines are a wonderful deliverable for all sorts of projects.  While some history projects do focus on broader topics and overviews (for which a timeline would still work!), most focus on tracing specific elements (role of women, working conditions, fashion, war tactics) as they change over time, exploring its significance  within a time frame.  This would be a wonderful way to demonstrate that change and importance.  Each ‘stop’ along the timeline can be text, pictures, or embedded audio/video.  Beyond history, students can use the timeline to show change and development in any field and on any scale – plot structure in literature over a century, media headlines over a few weeks, scientific theories of the last 50 years, or even the stages of a cake in the oven over a few minutes.









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