Tackk – Website Builder

Tackk is a very simple website builder that doesn’t require a log-in and is totally free.  It isn’t as powerful as some of the other options for free website builders (google sites, weebly, wix, wordpress), but it makes up for that with its simplicity.

Project-Based Learning: Websites can work as a deliverable for any topic, and may create a little more interest in your students than the always awesome poster board.  Websites can be made public to all and searchable on google, so there is at least the potential to have the world as an audience.

Here’s the summary from the site’s page:

No Login Required

You do not need to register to create and publish a Tackk. Simply design & share instantly.

No Need to Save

We save your edits after each change, so you can come back to finish your Tackk later.

Multiple Tackks

Manage multiple Tackks and customize the URLs when you make your FREE account.

via Tackk – Creatively Share your Message… One Tackk at a Time..


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