Creaza Creative Suite! A whole bunch of sweet tools.

Creaza Education is a great suite of tools.  Included on the site are a solid yet simple video editor, a strong audio editor, a cartoon creator, and an excellent mind map builder.  While all the tools are really pretty accessible and well built, I think the cartoon creator seems the strongest of the group.  You do need to create an account to use the tools, but they offer an education account.  After logging on, simply select “tools” to see the various options.

Project-Based Learning:

Creaza offers so much, we need to break it down a little:

Audio and Video Editors:  Creaza’s pretty straightforward editors are web-based, meaning student work can be saved and worked on later from any computer with the internet, so that’s awesome.  The web-app is also compatible with most browsers.  Sadly, the free account does come with some restrictions, mostly limited storage.  If you need a little more storage for the video (and even the audio), I think WeVideo is a nice alternative.

Cartoon/Comic strip creator:  I have written about the potential use and fun of cartoon creators a few times, but Creaza’s is one of the most professional – tons of options and customizable characters, scenes, etc.  Look at the tutorial below to get a better feel.

Mind-Map: The mind map tool is pretty solid and can be shared with many users.  It could be a deliverable – showing connections between ideas, making a timeline, displaying information – or it can act as part of the brainstorming process.  Specifically, they have added some cool space icons to help build some universe diagrams.

Check out the pics and videos below from the Creaza’s website.


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